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At Cayman Pool & Spa, you know us as your go-to pool service company. And if you’ve lived in the Huntersville, North Carolina area for a while, you’re probably familiar with NetPosi+tive Pool Services. We’re excited to announce we’ve joined forces with NetPosi+tive Pool Services to expand our services and make taking care of your pool an even easier, better experience!

Did You Hear the News? We’re Partnering with NetPosi+vie Pool Services!

Our owners, David and Cathy, will be working right alongside Matthew Holzbaur, the owner of NetPosi+tive Pool Services, over the next few months to ensure this transition is as seamless as possible. As part of this new merger, we’ll now be offering pool supplies and services, like in-store pool water testing, at our new location in Huntersville.

While offering these things at our new location is exciting, the best part about this recent merger is that we’ll be expanding and increasing our services. Now, we’ll be offering pool opening and pool closing, pool cleaning, and even pool maintenance packages for those who want someone to come and service their pool once or twice a week.

In addition to expanding our services, this merger also means we’ll have a bigger team. As a result, we’re expanding our service area in the Lake Norman and Greater Charlotte area with our new location and putting more trucks on the road. Because of this, we’ll have more people ready and waiting to help with repairs, installations, and pool products, like safety covers, filters, and liners.

We want you to know we’re continually committed to providing excellent advice and top-notch pool services, while always putting our customers first. This won’t change over the next few months as we merge our businesses, and we’re excited for everything this new partnership means for the future of our company.