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If you are the proud owner of a swimming pool, you certainly enjoy the beauty, fun and comfort that a swimming pool can bring. However, any beauty, fun, and comfort cannot fully be enjoyed in a dirty swimming pool. If you are looking for more information on swimming pool cleaning, you are in luck! In the article below, our team of experts here at Cayman Pool & Spa has outlined swimming pool cleaning basics for the best DIY (do-it-yourself) swimming pool cleaning.

DIY Swimming Pool Cleaning

Before you start with your swimming pool cleaning, ensure that you have purchased all of the necessary equipment for the job. Some swimming pool cleaning equipment and their uses can include:

  • A telescopic pole – used to attach nets, brushes, vacuums and more.
  • A skimmer net – used to quickly grab any nasty debris floating on top of the pool water, like bugs or leaves.
  • A pool brush – used to clean and scrub your pool walls and floor.
  • A manual pool vacuum – cleans and removes debris on the walls and floor of the pool.
  • A robotic pool cleaner – cleans and removes debris from the walls and floor of your pool, but without the manual labor from you.

Next on your swimming pool cleaning list: the pool filter. You want to ensure that your pool filter is cleaned regularly and properly. How you clean your filter depends on the type of filer your pool requires. Some common types of filters include DE filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters.