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swimming pool cleaning practices to keep your pool crystal clear

Here at Cayman Pool & Spa, we want to help you get the most from your pool experience. A big part of keeping your pool ready for swimming is proper maintenance, including regular swimming pool cleaning. If you’ve ever had to swim in a pool choked with leaves and debris, then you know from experience how annoying it can be. Leaf litter also isn’t the only thing that can mess up your pool—the residues from sunscreen, lotion, or other skin and hair products can also leave your pool with an icky film. In this article, we will go over basic swimming pool cleaning practices to keep your pool crystal clear and ready for relaxation.

To thoroughly clean your pool, you’ll need to start with a pool skimmer, brush, and vacuum. Use the pool skimmer to collect and dispose of debris that has accumulated in your pool, both on the surface and below. The brush is essentially a broom that allows you to scrub at your pool’s walls and floor, removing dirt, stains, and algae. Your final step is the pool vacuum, which sucks up any dirt that was loosened when you brushed it. Our team at Cayman Pool & Spa recommends going through this process once a week.

Swimming pool cleaning is a chore that the majority of people can perform themselves; however, as with all chores there are plenty of people who would rather not. If you don’t want to have to spend that much time caring from your pool, you can invest in an automatic pool cleaner to do it for you. Another option, of course, is to enlist the services of a professional pool technician. However you want to go about it, we at Cayman Pool & Spa have the right tools to help you keep your pool spotless and ready for swimming.