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Pool Services
It is always tempting to take care of every maintenance project at your home on your own in the belief that you are saving money by not hiring someone else to do it. That ends up working out for most things, as long as you have the expertise needed and don’t need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. In the case of pool maintenance, there are some good reasons why hiring a professional can make more sense and even save you money in the long run.

First of all, nearly all DIYers make the same mistake when it comes to pool maintenance – they use too many chemicals. Getting the water properly balanced can be challenging. Not only do you need to know which chemical to use, but how much. If you put too much of one, you are going to need to offset the results with yet another chemical, and that seesaw effect can cost you a ton of money over time. When you hire out pool services, they use whatever chemical is needed in the right quantity. This also helps you avoid having to buy a large bottle of something you only needed a small amount of.

Your time is definitely worth money, and the time you are spending doing your own pool services could be used more productively or to just have more fun with your family. Handing over the reins on pool services also gives you peace of mind that your pool is safe and in the best condition.

If you are ready to let a professional take care of your pool services, give us a call at Cayman Pool & Spa. We serve the Mooresville, North Carolina area with a number of pool services, including testing, cleaning, and repairs. Even if you do decide to continue doing it yourself, we can help make that work out better too with our free water testing and an inventory of all the pool chemicals you need. Our staff is always happy to help with advice and guidance, as well.