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How Long Should Pool Pumps Operate Each Day?

Pool pumps are a vital part of any pool circulation system. Without them, the water would become green and unsafe in very little time. The water is pumped through the filters where debris is captured and the water circulation keeps the chemicals mixed properly. If you have a salt system, the pump runs the water through the equipment to keep your pool properly chlorinated. If you are trying to conserve energy for your own benefit as well as the planet, you may wonder what the minimum amount of time your pump should operate is.

How long pool pumps should run depends on several factors – time of year, the weather, and how much you use your pool. You should never run the pump less than five hours a day (think of it like a 5-hour energy drink for your pool) and you should always run it for a while after chemicals have been added to the pool. It is not unusual to need six to eight hours with heavy usage. Regular water testing will tell you how effectively your pool pump is working so you can test out different timings. You can also talk with your pool repair professional to see if there is a more energy-efficient option for the size of your pool and your usage.

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