How to Prepare for Swimming Pool Opening

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Although spring may still feel like a long way away, we at Cayman Pool & Spa believe that it’s never a bad idea to start preparing for your swimming pool opening ahead of time. Starting to think about everything that needs to be done before you can use your pool again will help you get the tasks completed faster, allowing you to get the most possible enjoyment from your pool this coming season. In this article, we’ll go over three things you need to prepare for swimming pool opening.

three things you need to prepare for swimming pool opening

  • Pool Chemicals- One key step to swimming pool opening is to get the water back into the proper chemical balance, and to do that, you’ll need a testing kit and a supply of pool chemicals. Depending on the results of the water test, you may need more chlorine, a pH increasing or decreasing agent, an alkalinity booster, or other chemicals. We at Cayman Pool & Spa recommend thinking about how your pool water has behaved in previous winters and stocking up on the chemicals you’ve needed before in order to prepare to open your pool this spring.
  • Place to Clean Pool Cover- Another key part of the swimming pool opening process is removing and cleaning your winter pool cover. In order to clean it, you’ll need a place to lay it flat, so we suggest checking out your yard and selecting a staging area for this task. Move any furniture, debris, or other clutter from the area so that you can clean the pool cover without risking any tears or damage to it.
  • Supplies to Reinstall Ladders- If you removed your pool’s ladder, diving board, or other components as part of the closing process, then you’ll need to reinstall them during the swimming pool opening process. Make sure you know where you stored these components and that you can access them, and check to make sure all the hardware is still there. During this time of preparation, it’s a good idea to oil the bolts for easier installation and grease the diving board hinges for better performance.

We at Cayman Pool & Spa hope these tips help your swimming pool opening process go more smoothly this spring. If you’d like further advice, you can always reach out to our team.