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How to Reduce the Need for Pool Chemicals

Even if you have a service clean your pool that includes all the pool chemicals needed, you may still want to consider a few recommendations for reducing the need for them. Pool service isn’t done daily, so what you do between visits can affect the condition of your pool. If you want ideal water for all the days in between, consider these tips for reducing the need for pool chemicals:

  • Shower Before Swimming – Your swimming pool is not a super-large bathtub. It isn’t meant for getting a day’s grime and perspiration off. Even though your pool seems like a grand idea after mowing the lawn or taking a job on a hot summer day, take a moment to rinse off in the shower first. It is also important to rinse off chemicals, such as insect repellent and sunscreen lotion, as these can interact with pool chemicals.
  • Skim Debris and Clean Out Filter Regularly – Even though these tasks are done by your pool cleaning service, you should take the time to skim debris and clean out the filter, especially in cases where it is excessive, such as after your dog has taken a swim or a bunch of leaves have flown into your pool. Fur and leaves are much easier to skim off the top than to wait till they sink to the bottom. They can also affect the water balance more than you might think.
  • Usage Affects Pool Chemicals – While we aren’t saying to stop using your pool to avoid needing more pool chemicals, it is important to understand that the more you use it, the more you’ll need. That’s not a bad tradeoff for enjoying your pool, of course, but it could make you reconsider having pool parties twice a week, especially if your party guests aren’t honoring the first recommendation given about showering first.

If you need pool chemicals or advice about what to use for a situation you may be having, come see us at Cayman Pool & Spa. We can test your water and let you know what you need to get it crystal clear and safe for swimming.