Pool Maintenance: DIY Tips from the Pros

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Your swimming pool is the heart of your backyard. Here, you and your family have fun in the sun and make memories to last a lifetime. Because your pool is such a source of fun, and was no doubt a costly investment, you want to take care of it with the proper pool maintenance. Below, our team of experts here at Cayman Pool & Spa will go over how to ditch your pool boy and master DIY pool maintenance.

Pool Maintenance: DIY Tips from the Pros

First and foremost, before you dive right in (see what we did there?) to DIY pool maintenance, it is important to educate yourself. At the installation of your pool, or by consulting with your local pool shop or center, work with a pool professional to learn about the specific pool maintenance needed for your pool. Do not rely on an online article or YouTube tutorial. Pools come in all shapes, sizes, types, built in differing climates and so on; it is crucial that you learn the specific pool maintenance for your unique pool.

Next, the basic things you need to know for pool maintenance include your pool’s water, what kind of pool interior wall or liner you have, what kind of pool filter system you have, and what kind of skimmers and returns are in your pool. Depending on the specifics of your pool, you will tackle pool maintenance accordingly.

Finally, a pool maintenance job would not be complete without ensuring that your pool’s circulation, cleaning, and chemistry are where they should be.