Swimming Pool Closing: Why, When, and Who

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Unless you plan to use your swimming pool all year long, eventually the time comes to start considering your options for swimming pool closing service. Swimming pool closing, or pool winterizing is important to keep your pool in optimal condition.

Swimming Pool Closing: Why, When, and Who

Here are three reasons to get swimming pool closing service:

  1. Cleanup – Not winterizing the pool can lead to overgrowth of algae and bacteria. It allows debris to build up and compost inside the pool. All of this will make your pool more difficult to clean later on.
  2. Freezing – If your pool isn’t winterized properly before freezing temperatures come, it can lead to serious damage. Because water expands when it freezes into ice, any water that is left in your filter, pumps, or other areas may cause irreparable or costly damage to your pool equipment.
  3. Less maintenance – When you’re not using your pool often, you are less inclined to keep up on regular maintenance. It is better to save yourself the trouble and expense of keeping your pool in swimming condition if you won’t be swimming in it very much at all.

In warm areas, the time to close your pool depends on when you will most likely stop using it. Typically, it is best to wait to close the pool until after temperatures dip below 65 degrees as this is when algae and bacteria become dormant.

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