What Spa Chemicals Do We Have Available?

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When you have a spa in your backyard, you find out pretty quickly that chemicals in your spa are just as necessary as they are in the pool. The different chemicals for your spa have a wide variety of purposes, but the most important purpose for each one is to eliminate the bacteria in your spa and also keep it clean and the water clear.

What Spa Chemicals Do We Have Available?

We have a complete selection of both pool and spa chemicals for your needs and are happy to explain any one of them and provide detailed instructions on how to use them. Here are just a few of the spa chemical options we have available:

  • Water balancers
  • Shock removers
  • Water enhancers
  • Spa kits

We have over 13 years of experience working with pools and spas and can likely help you find a solution for your spa with the necessary spa chemicals, whether it might need a shock to oxidize it and clear away the cloudiness in the water or you’re just barely getting started with your brand-new spa. We can also test a water sample to determine which types and amounts of our spa chemicals you might need to make your spa clean and safe again.

Don’t hesitate to ask or call us with any questions or concerns you may have about your spa, and you are always welcome to our store to get whatever spa chemicals you may need. We are always happy to help and share our expertise.