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Swimming pool covers offer many benefits when you choose the right one for the pool.

There are several objectives you can achieve with a swimming pool cover, making this a vital addition to the pool at your Cornelius, North Carolina home. To achieve the added safety, water conservation, reduced chemical usage, and reduced cleaning time, however, you need to choose the right one for your pool. That’s where we come in. Here at Cayman Pool & Spa, our experienced team can assist you whether this is the first cover for your pool or you need to replace one that is old or damaged.

Swimming Pool Covers in Cornelius, North Carolina

Swimming pool covers provide safety, but only if fitted properly. To avoid an accidental drowning, you want the cover to hold up the person who has fallen into the pool rather than let them slip between the edge and the cover. We’ll help you get the proper size for your pool so it offers the best protection for your family, pets, and others.

Evaporation can reduce your pool water by more than an inch each week. The sunlight also affects the water balance by increasing bacteria and algae and reducing the effectiveness of chlorine. Swimming pool covers reduce evaporation and the amount of pool chemicals you’ll need, saving you money in the process. You’ll also spend less time cleaning out debris.

If you have any questions about swimming pool covers or any of the products or services we offer, don’t hesitate to call or stop by to see us. We are your one-stop shop for swimming pool supplies and the advice you need to keep your swimming pool in top condition.

At Cayman Pool & Spa, we sell swimming pool covers to residents of Mooresville, Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Harrisburg, Huntersville, Kannapolis, Statesville, Troutman, Mount Pleasant, Mayhew, Moss Creek, and the Lake Norman area of North Carolina.