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Mike McNamara

The staff at Cayman Pool are knowledgeable and very helpful. Everything needed was in stock.

Margaret Rogers

They are definitely the best pool store! Helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. Free water testing, which other stores discourage. Have a great inventory of parts for filters and vacuums which is so important when your pool goes down. Prices are competitive.☺

Lisa Teague

They replaced my pool liner and helped get my pool up and running faster than expected. Knowledgeable and experienced as well as kind and professional. Highly recommend!

Dennis Foster

Great place to go to get advise on pool chemicals and also to get pool water tested.

Bill Dale

Great people and prices. Very helpful

Mark Neville

Service is great they have gone out of their way to help me find replacement jets for my hot tub and will continue to be the only place I buy supplies for my spa and pool.


These folks are really nice, experienced people who go above and beyond. They'll test your water, help you problem solve issues, carry supplies to your car and they carry important pool supplies. I really like this store.

Kimberlee Lane

Those people are so nice.

Jan Valentine

These people are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are a full service company and have solved several problems for me

Levi Coldiron

Easy testing and good chemical recommendations.

Mark Hoogendoorn

Experienced and friendly staff. Always helpful with anything we've got going on.

Derek Booth

Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful staff